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    Kunshan Hiecise Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. Customer Satisfaction Survey

    Company name Full name Grinder useful life
    Contact number Mailing address Buy Grinder Model
    Grinder quality and scope
    1、Grinding performance Precision grinder
    Grinder grinding efficiency
    Failure rate
    2、Grinder features Grinder automation
    Roll end chamfering
    Curve grinding function
    Grinding surface quality
    Arm function Automatic measurements
    Measuring time
    Measurement accuracy
    Online Measurement
    Toba lubrication
    Adaptive grinding function
    Constant current grinding function
    Grinding fluid handling systems
    Auto repair Wheel
    Data storage and management (if any)
    Center rack automatic adjustment (if any)
    Soft landing (if any)
    Detection function (if any)
    V-axis (if any)
    3、Grinder surface quality (paint)
    1、Reply and problem-solving efficiency
    2、The attitude of sales staff
    3、Efficiency grinding machine services
    4、Tracking service attitude grinder
    For comments or suggestions grinder, services and companies
    Thank you for your cooperation Ltd. Kunshan Huachen heavy machine support and our investigative work, we will be happy to serve you!
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